What is Selfit?

Selfit captures pics, videos, GIFs, time-lapses and boomerangs without the need of cell phone, operator or tripod. It is designed to be used specifically at fitness centers and entertainment facilities, where it can enhance visitors' experience and create long-lasting memories from the facility.

How does it work?



Camera unit

selfit icons-04.png

The camera unit is small, wireless and portable. When it is in active mode, the user can flash a QR code command and the camera responds within a matter of milliseconds and takes a picture, starts a video or makes a GIF.

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Mobile app

selfit icons-01.png

All of the content captured by the SELFIT cameras is stored in a platform that can be accessed through a mobile app.

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Web site

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User profiles can also be accessed by the SELFIT website with the same login data as the mobile app.

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Admin panels

selfit icons-05.png

In this panel the gym administrator can see the following information about all the cameras in the gym:

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