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What is Playtag?

Playtag is the perfect solution for climbing gyms and active entertainment facilities that want to offer an option for their challenge and competition-seeking visitors. The system rewards users with points when they reach pre-defined checkpoints and stores their results in a ranking system. That way, participants can keep track of their personal achievements and also compete with their friends.

How does it work?


Participants register at their arrival at the center, they create a profile on the system and receive an RFID bracelet. 


They accumulate points by scanning their bracelet on the Playtags placed throughout the facility – for example at the end of a hard route on a climbing wall. The harder to reach the tag is, the more points it is worth.  


The screen provided with the system displays in real time the points and ranks of the contenders. Operators may decide to offer a reward as an incentive if a certain number of points is reached.  


The tag

Playtag takes the shape of a square hold 15 cm wide and contains all the electronics. It is equipped with a circular LED light and buzzers which activate when a RFID bracelet is scanned.


The bracelet

Supplied with the system, the bracelets are small, unobtrusive and offer a good lifetime.