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People use our products to introduce fun activities in their daily lives. We always start by asking: Whose day are we making? Are we making visitors lives better? If products don't work for people, they don't work for us.



Hardware & Firmware

We develop the hardware and firmware components of our products from scratch. This allows for limitless possibilities when it comes to their function, flexibility and adaptability. Our goal with every physical component is to make its installation, use and maintenance effortless.


Android & iOS apps

We develop Android and iOS apps that work with our products. They are customizable and allow us to fit the specific needs of every client and facility. With the apps we’re moving one step closer to the users – sending out notifications and interacting with them on a personal level.



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What we create?



Our products are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. We focus on simple interfaces, intuitive interaction and minimal user manuals.


IoT & Complex systems

We can help you monitor and control not only the events in the entertainment facility but also the activities that facilitators are responsible for. With IoT we can help you to outsource duties and worries to the cloud and leave more space for you to focus on more important things.

Open positions

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If your application corresponds to what we are looking for, we will invite you for an interview.


Local and global server development

The data our products collect is stored and processed on clouds in a local or global server. This way, users can use their profiles from different locations all around the world, while keeping their personal scores and staying connected to their friends.


AI & Neural networks

Our IT solutions are becoming more adaptive and flexible. We’re developing neutral networks and training them to do complex tasks like balancing the load on different attractions in an entertainment facility, predicting incidents, suggesting promotions and developing other success strategies, based on the data collected from other facilities around the world.



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