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The Gamifier is an interactive platform which adds an extra dimension to active entertainment facilities through engaging game mechanics. The system simultaneously collects and analyzes data to empower operators to better meet guests’ needs. It is designed to be retrofitted and seamlessly integrates with existing facility management systems & websites.


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What is the user experience?

Game modes

The Gamifier comes in 4 game modes developed to fit any occasion:


Everyday use

Custom session

Team session

Play for a cause

This mode uses the default functionalities of the Gamifier. It could also be set to motivate players by calculating their place in the ranking according to the days since their last visit.

Very suitable for b-day parties. It pauses the everyday use, restarts all the high score records and makes only the players in the session visible on the ranking tables. Players have to compete with each other. After the session all the scores are added to the players` profiles.

Extends the custom sessions and adds teams. The operators of the facility can add unlimited amounts of teams, assign names and custom colors for them. This mode is also suitable for team buildings. 

Extends the everyday use and allows users to collect points for a cause or to settle a debate. For example users can play to support the day of the veterans or complete a challenge first to cast a vote for the answer of "Who came first - the chicken or the egg?".

Register at kiosk 

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The user creates a profile at a kiosk. They can choose between playing solo or in a team. Then, the user proceeds to register using an e-mail address. Young children get registered with their parent’s e-mail. When registering, the user has to agree with terms & conditions which can be customized to fit the needs of the specific facility.

Play games and

get points

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The user scans their bracelet at different attractions after completing them and collects points.

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See the results

The results are displayed on a TV screen or tablet next to the attraction. Special achievements like high scores are also announced on the screens, accompanied with sound and light effects. The final scores could also be seen at the registration kiosk.

RFID bracelets

There are many RFID bracelet options – from silicone multi-use ones to single-use plastic or paper ones. And while we don’t recommend the paper ones because of their limited detection range, all RFID bracelet options on the market work well with the Gamifier.

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Scoring options

Scanning the RFID bracelets at different checkpoints can give the user either score points or credit. The operators of the facility are the ones to decide which attraction gives points, which gives credit and decide on the amount. The scoring points are stored in the ranking system to mark the accomplishment of the user. The credits, on the other hand, are used as virtual currency that the users can spend on merchandise, food, drinks, gifts or whatever prizes the operator decides on.



The Gamifier amplifies the experience in an entertainment center by adding elements of competition, quests, accomplishments, challenges, and learning to the attractions.

It features:

• ranking systems

• bonuses

• achievement tracking

• quests

• team competitions

• treasure hunting and many other games

• sound and light effects for user gratification    at every achievement

Plenty of additional custom games and functionalities can be developed to fit the needs of specific projects.



Apart from making the end-customer’s experience more engaging, the Gamifier presents numerous benefits that enhance and optimize operations.

The Gamifier can:

• Redistribute visitor load from busy to less busy areas

• Connect to any facility management system

• Collect useful data on the usage of attractions

• Use this data to suggest optimizations

• Connect to a facility’s website and maintain     virtual scoreboards

• Operate bug-free without freezing, due to       the wired connections (which are much more stable than the equivalent wi-fi options)

• Allow operators to change the points, scoring    and achievements easily by themselves


All the settings, features and events of the Gamifier are controlled from an Admin Panel. It can be accessed through any device connected to the local network of the system.


As an operator, you have control over:

 Scores and credits - manage the scoring system an the virtual currency

• Players - access all player profiles with their scores and credits

• Games log - access data on all games ever played

• Bad words filter - list and ban all the bad words that should not be used as usernames and displayed on the screens

• Sessions - plan, start, stop and change sessions and game modes

• Settings - control the settings of the registration terminal, kiosk, TVs, games and updates

• System status - monitor and control all the devices connected to the system

• Statistics - get a clear picture of how your facility is developing

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