What is Belay Sensor?

The Belay Sensor is a safety system for climbing walls. It activates and rings a loud alarm whenever someone not attached to a belay device starts climbing. The sensors are located at the height equal to the first quickdraw i.e. 3 meters (10 ft). This way the gym staff can quickly spot the climber and help him/her get down safely. Or even better - climbers usually realize what's wrong and are low enough to be able to down climb themselves.


The story behind...

The climbing gym where we train in reported to have over 50 cases of climbers starting a climb unattached on an annual basis. Shocked by the high number, we were driven to find a solution. That is why we developed a system to prevent worst-case-scenari and save your good night's sleep, as a gym owner or operator.

How does it work?

The system is made of two parts working in sync. The first one at the start of each climbing route monitors if the corresponding auto belay device is attached to the wall or not. The second one, at 3 meters, is a motion sensor. The alarm gets triggered if the second sensor detects someone while the auto belay is still attached to the wall.